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IE Lock IE Lock works with Internet Explorer but locks it only to the sites you allow. Lock works in Internet explorer,, blocking any attempts at inappropriate browsing before they reach the network. IELock reduces or eliminates the need for expensive server side hardware and software solutions. I Lock`s "Allow List" ensures your employees gain access to ONLY THOSE PAGES/DOMAINS you`ve pre approved. IE Lock will support multiple Allow lists to ensure that you meet the browsing needs of your entire workforce. IE Lock will automatically

BT Watcher Pro 1.6.0: Use your mobile phone to lock and unlock your computer screen automatically.
BT Watcher Pro 1.6.0

Automatic lock and unlock your computer screen via a mobile phone. BT Watcher automatically lock your computer every time you leave the vicinity of the computer and unlock computer when you will back. Can also automatically suspend and wake up monitor to save energy and battery life, or hibernate computer. BT Watcher show only small icon in system tray so is almost invisible in work.

lock, launch, notebook, secret, phone, mobile, password, automatic, security, cell, bluetooth

Keyboard LED Control 1.09: Control Numlock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock indicator lights on the keyboard
Keyboard LED Control 1.09

Keyboard LED Control is a tool to control LED of the Numlock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock indicator lights on the keyboard, which can be controlled in the Numlock, Capslock, and Scroll Lock key state of being always on, always off or flash.

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G-Lock EasyMail 5 Business Edition 5.35: Easily Create and Send personalized HTML newsletters in minutes. HTML Templates
G-Lock EasyMail 5 Business Edition 5.35

Lock EasyMail in just minutes. The most effective and reliable way to do permission-based email marketing, create and send opt-in email newsletters in minutes! G-Lock EasyMail provides you with an easy-to-control Address Book to store contact information. With G-Lock EasyMail Address Book, you have a place to store email addresses, home and work addresses, phone and fax numbers, digital IDs, conferencing information, instant messaging addresses,

lists, newsletters, mailing, bulk, email, software, g lock, marketing, check, easymail, manage

File Lock 6.1: Lock and hide your files, folders and drives to deny access, remove, deletion.
File Lock 6.1

File Lock is a secure software that can lock and/or hide your files, folders and drives. It can prevent access to any of your files, folders or drives. File Lock also supports to hide files and folders, to make them complete invisible. The locked items will be denied access,move and deletion, the hidden items will not be found by any program or the Windows Explorer.File Lock supports all NT-base Windows system included Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

confidentiality, access, lock, deny, file, folder, drive, hide, hide folder, security, privacy

Password Protected Lock 2.92: Secure your PC and protect your privacy with password protection!
Password Protected Lock 2.92

Lock is an excellent security computer lock you can use to secure your PC and protect your privacy. It is attractive, secure, and very easy to use. It starts automatically with Windows and optionally activates desktop lock with password upon loading. It hides your desktop at the same time and provides an informative message that you can edit as you like. You can have the program power down your monitor after a selected period of lock time and even

restrict access, secure pc, password protection, security computer lock, screen saver, protect privacy

File Lock Pro 4.2.1: Protect or encrypt files, folders and drives in an easy and reliable way.
File Lock Pro 4.2.1

Lock Pro - Protect or encrypt files, folders and drives in an easy and reliable way with this handy software. It ensures that nobody can access or destroy your private data without password. Hide Data : GiliSoft File Lock Pro can hide your private files folders and drives, to make them completely invisible to users and programs. Lock Data : The locked files/folders/drives are protected from accessing, users can not open, read, modify, move, delete

file lock, encrypt folder, encrypt file, hide file, folder lock, password protect, protect file folder drive, disk lock, hide folder, hide drive, file encryption

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